Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 14th, 2014

Pastor J.D. explains the prophetic significance of persistently denying that the Islamic State is Islamic and consistently referring to them as I.S.I.L.

Gun-toting Gaza imam: Weapons will help us build ‘Islamic State’

In a recent sermon, a Gaza imam brandished an assault rifle before worshipers and declared that such weapons would allow Palestinians to build a caliphate in the region, an “Islamic State.”

In the August 29 sermon, a video of which was published over the weekend by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun held up the weapon and cried:

“The [Israelis] came to conquer the Gaza Strip. Did they succeed in doing so? No, they did not. They came to take these weapons away from us. Do I still hold this weapon or not?”

Throughout the speech worshippers intermittently interrupted with cries of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).

Abu Funun went on to say that Israel had sought to humiliate and break the people of Gaza but had failed to do so.

“This war has proven that these weapons are our only means to liberate our lands,” he said. “These weapons are our only means to establish the Islamic state…Muhammad’s caliphate.”

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Late Summer Snowstorm Dumps 20 Inches of Snow

Powder River Pass in the Bighorn Mountains
(photo courtsey of Peggy Peterson)

A rare September snowstorm impacted areas east of the Divide Wednesday night and Thursday with up to 20 inches of snow over Johnson and Big Horn counties.

The Bighorn Mountains, Buffalo and the Cody Foothills were hardest hit from this storm. 

Major tree damage and power outages occurred in Buffalo where 7 to as much as 10 inches of heavy wet snow occurred. 

This was earliest recorded snowfall for Cody with records going back to 1915. Before this snowstorm the earliest snowfall for Cody was September 12th, 1970, when 8 inches of snow fell. 

Although Buffalo has considerable missing historical data, the earliest snowfall on record occurred on September 6, 1929, when 1 inch of snow fell. 

However this should be the heaviest recorded snowfall so early in the season for Buffalo.

Here is a YouTube Video showing the aftermath of the storm in Buffalo.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Islamic Extremists Slaughter 350 Christians in Nigeria

Jos, Nigeria:  Leaders of northeastern Nigeria’s Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) said Boko Haram attacks that have killed more than 300 Christians in the past week have forced the temporary closure of Kulp Bible College and many churches.

In an emergency prayer message sent Saturday night (Sept. 6) to Morning Star News among others, EYN President Samuel Dali said the headquarters of the church is under grave threat from the Islamic extremist insurgents who seek to impose sharia (Islamic law) throughout the country.

“Boko Haram violence has been getting worse every day, and our members are fleeing the area by the thousands,” he said. “Recent attacks in Borno and Adamawa states where are our churches are located have seen Boko Haram take over the Army base. As a result, about 350 Christians have been killed.”

Following a recent online video declaration by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau that Boko Haram was establishing an Islamic caliphate in Borno state’s Damboa and Gwoza towns and Yobe state’s Buni Yadi, including their surrounding villages, Boko Haram has killed more Christians and burned down more churches, Dali said.

Dr. Rebecca Dali, wife of the EYN president, said in a text message to Morning Star News that Boko Haram has attacked villages in Adamawa state in a bid to take over the Madagali area.

“We are still under turbulence because of Boko Haram – last week they captured a lot of villages in the Madagali areas,” she said. “Five days ago they overcame the soldiers, occupied the army barracks, and killed more than 350 Christians. Yesterday and today (Sept. 5 and 6) the Boko Haram insurgents were in Gulak, killing a lot of Christians.”


Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria

Russia has warned that US air strikes against militants in Syria would be a "gross violation" of international law.

A Russian foreign ministry spokesman said any such action, without the backing of the UN, would be "an act of aggression".

It comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry meets Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia to try to build a coalition against Islamic State (IS) militants.

President Obama has threatened action against IS in Syria as well as Iraq.

"The US president has spoken directly about the possibility of strikes by the US armed forces against Isil (IS) positions in Syria without the consent of the legitimate government," ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich was quoted as saying.

"This step, in the absence of a UN Security Council decision, would be an act of aggression, a gross violation of international law."

Syria also repeated its warning that the US had to co-ordinate with the Syrian government before launching air strikes on its territory.

"Any action of any kind without the consent of the Syrian government would be an attack on Syria," National Reconciliation Minister Ali Haidar said on Thursday.


Monday, September 8, 2014

​Mystery Respiratory Virus Spreads Across U.S.

A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals throughout the Midwest and beyond, health officials say.

The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported could be "just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases," said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Viral Diseases.

Ten states have contacted the CDC for assistance in investigating clusters of enterovirus: Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky. Four -- Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa -- have confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68.

This particular type of enterovirus -- EV-D68 -- is uncommon but not new.

The reason health officials are concerned this year is that there have been so many hospitalizations.

In Kansas City, about 475 children were recently treated at Children's Mercy Hospital, and at least 60 of them received intensive hospitalization, spokesman Jake Jacobson said.

"It's worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I've practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I've never seen anything quite like this," said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the hospital's division director for infectious diseases.

"We've had to mobilize other providers, doctors, nurses. It's big," she said.